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Our History

The firm, based in Gibraltar, started out as John Licudi and Partners in 1989, was later incorporated as a limited company but now trades as Carduus Ltd. The practise has therefore been established for close to 30 years. Our Professional staff is made up principally of Chartered Quantity Surveyors and Chartered Project Management Surveyors but also includes Building Surveying and Civil Engineering expertise. The range of work we undertake is principally Project Management, Contract Management, Private Practice Quantity Surveying and Contractor Quantity Surveying. We also specialise in Contractual and Legal Construction advice. We mainly work locally in Gibraltar but have an international vocation, having also worked in Spain, North Africa and the Caribbean. Our clients include the Government of Gibraltar, Major Spanish Contractors, Local Contractors, Private Clients, Lawyers and Developers.


Gibraltar is a self-governing and self-financing parliamentary democracy within the European Union. A British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is economically prosperous with a highly-diversified economy including financial services, e-gaming, shipping and tourism. Given its status within the EU, Gibraltar-licensed banks, investment services firms, UCITS, insurance companies, reinsurance companies and insurance mediation firms benefit from access to the single European market and therefore a potential client base of over 500m people.

Gibraltar is promoted as the EU domicile of choice for financial services; including funds, traditional and alternative investment management, insurance companies and private clients (pensions, company management, trusts, banking, emoney and tax residence schemes). Gibraltar offers a well regulated, transparent and internationally-cooperative jurisdiction with access to financial markets including the right to access the EU single market in financial services. Gibraltar offers a modern environment with low personal and corporate tax, high quality infrastructure and a lifestyle that together create a compelling combination.

The Team

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Melvyn Ritchie

Managing Director

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Mark McManus

Quantity Surveyor

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Dwayne Ballestero

Project Manager/Facilites Manager

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Quantity Surveyor

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Albert Helfensteijn

Project Manager/Facilities Manager

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Juan Rueda Gomez

Quantity Surveyor

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Project Manager/Facilities Manager

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Jose Luis Abad Gambero

Project Manager

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Jerome Cavilla

Assistant Project Manager/Facilities Manager