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Focusing on construction solutions and the works on site. The Construction Manager forms an integral and essential part of the client’s professional team when there is a need to procure the construction of the project in trade packages directly employed by the client.

Construction management

We provide a wide range of services, tailored to your specific requirements.

Services in the pre-construction period include:
  • Establishing the Employers Requirements
  • Advice on buildability, construction methodology and sequence during design development
  • Compliance with Health & Safety requirements
  • Advise on all aspects of added value and buildability of design
  • Preparing the construction programme, clearly identifying the critical path, lead times and key milestones
  • Advice on the appropriate division of the project into various trade contracts
  • Advice on the selection of suitable trade contractors and packages
  • Establishing resources
Services in the construction period include:
  • Setting out of the main construction works
  • Management of trade contractors
  • Receiving and checking all applications for payment from trade contractors
  • Coordinating all trade contractor shop drawings, product data and materials samples to ensure conformity
  • Controling quality and defects
  • Trade contractor progress monitoring
  • Ensuring compliance with Health and Safety regulation