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Embarking on any construction project involves some element of risk, particularly financial risk and it is vital that clients know that their investment is spent appropriately and is managed correctly.

We manage the investment whether it be in Pounds, Euros, Dollars or any other currency. During the project monitoring operation, we aim to reduce risk for all of our clients who provide capital for construction but are not involved in the day to day aspects of project delivery.

We understand our clients’ commercial objectives and are able to oversee the process from the developer’s perspective. We believe that this is fundamental to the favourable outcome of any development project.

Our robust Project Management and Quantity Surveying teams are able to assist both in preparing initial appraisals and monitoring once the project has moved to the site stage.

Project Monitoring

Our project monitoring services include:

Property management
  • Building and acquisition surveys
  • Landlord and Tenant Dilapidation services
  • Planned Maintenance design services
  • Life Cycle Maintenance Programming